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20 Tips For creating your First Photo Book

20 Tips For creating your First Photo Book/  Best 20 Tips For creating your First Photo Book /How To make Your First Photo Book/ 20 Tips For creating your First PhotoAlbum 

These days we click more pictures as compared to few decades ago. The accessibility of instant camera in your phone makes it so easy to capture day to day moments. But dont just stop at clicking photos- make your photos last long in a more interesting presentation by making photo books which are indeed an excellent way to capture all your sweet memories in one place. 

Well  if you are new to making photobook, help is at hand. So stop wondering on how to create your First Photobook? Here are the top 20 Tips for creating your first PhotoAlbum/ PhotoBook.

1  It all starts with an idea or a theme. Ask yourself what type of photo book you want to create. Still at a loss for ideas? Choose from a wide range of photo album titles and themes here. 

In your computer, organize your photos in file folders.

3 Choose photos that are clear and have high resolution. If it cannot be avoided, try to edit the photo while staying close to its original form as much as possible.

Plan the number of photos per page so pictures won’t get too cramped towards the end of the book. 

Choose a layout for each page. You can have a uniform collage or you can vary from page to page or from section to section. 

Use a reliable editing software. If you can manage Adobe Photoshop, then use it.  There are also free and user-friendly photo editing and photo collage software available online such as Fotor or Pixlr.

Keep back-up files for all your photo albums and scrapbooking projects, preferably in a cloud storage service. You’ll never know when accidents can happen.

Try to tell a story. If this is a memoir each picture tells a story that completes a bigger story. You may group your photos this way. 

Choose a publishing program that can provide various theme options such as wedding, travel, heritage, etc. 

10 You may also incorporate videos along with your photos if the photobook website has this feature. 

11 If the task is too big, you can also collaborate with your family and friends. This can be a project for bridal showers or wedding anniversaries.

12 Try to avoid repetition. While there may be interesting subjects, try to edit to create several versions of a photo subject.

13 Work towards cohesiveness of the theme or the story you wish to portray. If you’re planning to make a photobook of your pregnancy, for example, keep the images related.

14 Before your group together a set or a pair of photos on page, always ask yourself “Why?” Your answer will be your guide to the reason behind the grouping.

15 Choose hi-res photos. The higher the resolution, the better your final output will appear.

16 Do not stretch the images. If you downloaded an image on facebook that’s small, work around it without sacrificing the clarity of the photo.

17 If you want to include non-digital images on your photo book, then scan those photos.

18 If you need a quick photo book, check out the available automated features from Instagram Books or Facebook Blurb.

19 Choose a catchy title or heading for your photo book. Check out the amazing collection of sample title ideas from right away! 

20 Lastly, don’t forget to use the share button to show your photo book to your family and friends once you make it online. 

You can also get your photobook printed if you want which is indeed an excellent way to capture all your Life memories in a book. And most of all can be shared and gifted too. 

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start making your First Photobook right away. 

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