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A quick fix recipe is to just add friends to life and then see the difference. Here’s a titles tribute to your friends who make our day shine. Read on to find the perfect title for your photo album memories with friends. 

  • Just chilling with friends
  • Crazy friends forever
  • Bike buddies
  • My crazy funny BFFs
  • My friends – my lifeline
  • That’s what friends are for
  • My 2 am friend
  • My partner in crime. My buddy.
  • Gal pals
  • Happy with pally
  • Unbreakable bond
  • Friendship ties that bind
  • Best friends club
  • Friendship on friend-boat ride
  • On friendly terms
  • Fun, food and friends
  • Our best friend pose
  • Fashionable trip with friends
  • On a friendly visit 
  • My friendship garden grows
  • Friends – milestones of life
  • Terra friends
  • Planet friends
  • Road trip with buddies
  • Hello good ol’ pal
  • New entry in our friends territory
  • Add a friend. Subtract a gloominess.
  • Ctrl+V fun
  • When friends become family
  • Best times – and still counting!
  • True Friends
  • My Circle of Friends
  • Happy Friends
  • Friends Forever
  • Our Friendship
  • My Best Buddy Ever
  • A Friend is YOU
  • My Partner in Crime
  • I Love my Friends
  • Friendship Moments
  • My Best-Friend
  • Meet my Friend…
  • My Closest Friends
  • All for One and One for All
  • The Best of Friends
  • Playful Friends
  • Together with Friends
  • Celebrating with my Friends
  • My College Friends
  • My High School Friends
  • My Super Friend
  • Me and My Best-Friend
  • All About our Friendship
  • Bubbly Friend
  • A Relationship Called Friendship
  • My Funny Friend
  • Friendly Hugs and Kisses
  • Life is Good
  • A Tale of Friendship
  • Colorful Friendship
  • Almost Brothers and Sisters
  • The World of my Friends
  • Morning with my Friends
  • Laughing out Loud with my Friends
  • My Coffee Buddy
  • A Friend to Treasure
  • Friends are Heaven Sent
  • Moments with my Best Friend
  • Giggling with my Buddies
  • My Beautiful Friend

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