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  • Rock Baby Jamie 
  • Precious Lovely Leena 
  • Sweet Sandy 
  • Gracious Grace 
  • Sexy Jean 
  • The Beautiful Bella
  • Amazing Anna 
  • Sporty Sarah 
  • Sophisticated Sophia 
  • Benjamin, The Beginner 
  • Terrific Catherine 
  • Exciting Elijah Boy 
  • Alluring Alona 
  • Charming Cheska 
  • The Cute Angella 
  • Carlo Bravo 
  • Ryan, The Great 
  • Superb John 
  • Our Favorite Princess Girl Rachel
  • Our Prince Peter
  • Marvin, The Good Man 
  • Artistic Arthur 
  • Andy - The Apple of My Eye 
  • The Spark of Clark 
  • Charming Charmaine 
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little YOU 
  • Beautiful Princess Pauline
  • Our Little Barbie Doll 
  • Cute Little Mark 
  • Handsome Big Michael 
  • Awesome Angelo 
  • Friends of Cheska Girl 
  • Funny Lani 
  • Jumping James in the Park 
  • Crazy Kris 
  • Heavenly Nina and Jenna 
  • Happy Lucky Boy 
  • Ambitious Amy

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