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Baby boys can be cute as button and naughty as hell. Don’t miss a moment of their growing up years before they turn silent and retreat into their shells. For the lovely scrapbook you are making or if its a photo album  here is a list of cutesy photo book titles which are just perfect for capturing your little kings memeories in frames. 

  • Our Little Man
  • Am feeling blue
  • Like Dad, like Sonny
  • Little Master
  • Junior Superman
  • Spiderman Poses
  • Hero of our home
  • The Prankster Ninja
  • So tough being this cute
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • The Beach Boy Band
  • Warning: Boy band Ahead
  • My little man
  • Devil without horns on the prowl
  • Because boys will be boys
  • 100% Cute 100% My Copy
  • Mini Me in cute blue package
  • Boy Oh boy!
  • Boys and their toys
  • Prince Charming in the making
  • His Majesty learns to walk
  • King of his world
  • Cuteness overdose
  • The Boss
  • Bum Chums
  • Goofy guy
  • Blue eyed boy
  • Astronaut who is buffering
  • Man on moon
  • Bubbly boy
  • Sonshine
  • A Baby Boy full of Joy
  • Adorable Baby Boy
  • Bouncy Baby Boy
  • Daddy’s Little Boy
  • Our Bundle of Joy
  • Cute Baby Boy
  • Heaven’s Gift
  • Our Little Baby Boy
  • Hush! Hush! Baby Boy
  • Oh! My Baby Boy!
  • Our Little Prince
  • The Prince in the Family
  • Sweet Little Baby Boy
  • You are my son-shine!
  • Welcome Baby Boy!
  • Hugs and Kisses for our Baby Boy
  • Baby in the Family
  • A Baby Boy is Born
  • Hello Baby Boy!
  • Welcome to the Family Baby Boy!
  • Little Daddy’s Buddy
  • Here comes our New Baby Boy
  • I’m a Super Cute Little Boy
  • A Baby Boy Brings Full of Joy
  • Adorable Baby Boy
  • A Baby Boy is a Joy
  • Bop! Bop! Bop! A Baby Boy is on the Way
  • Super Cute, Super Baby Boy
  • Oh Boy! An Angel from Heaven
  • Daddy’s Little Baby Love
  • Baby Boy Meets the World
  • Our Baby Boy in His Crib
  • Welcome to our Newborn Baby Boy
  • The Story of a Cute Little Baby Boy
  • Baby Boy’s Corner
  • Introducing: The Cutest Baby Boy in the World
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