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It is said that when we adopt someone, we are the ones who are cared for, and not the other way around. It is our need to love and be loved that gets fulfilled. So click, capture and store all the memories so that you can flip through the pages of life and smile away the times. Here is a cool collection of  titles ideas for Photobook on Adoption. 
  • Love in life
  • Coz we’re a team now
  • You, me – Us from now on
  • Welcome home brightness
  • A new member
  • Our family grows
  • Sharing love
  • Riot of three of us
  • All for one, one for all
  • Family means togetherness
  • Time to rejoice
  • Welcome to new home
  • Angel in our home
  • Little brother goes bullying around
  • Big sister gets protective
  • Bossy brothers
  • Sibling love
  • Sharing and multiplying love
  • Circle of love grows
  • Lonely days are so yesterday
  • From me time to “Us” time
  • Our own little paradise
  • Heaven in our backyard
  • My small world
  • Another day in paradise
  • Love is all around us
  • Rhapsody of little rioters
  • My lyrics found some music 
  • Happyness in person
  • Destiny and dreams
  • My True Family
  • Forever Family
  • Special Loved Ones
  • I’m a Blessing
  • Forever Thankful
  • God’s Blessing
  • One in our Hearts
  • Amazing You!
  • Adopted in Love!
  • You’re My Flesh and Blood
  • Baby Be Mine…
  • A Blessing from Above
  • My Child
  • Our Own Child
  • Part of The Family
  • Meant to be in our Family
  • I Found You!
  • The Best Gift
  • The Blessing
  • You are in my Heart
  • Born in my Heart
  • You are Born to Make me Happy
  • True Love, Care and Motherhood
  • Welcome to your New Home!
  • New Baby! New World!
  • Welcome to our Family!
  • Amazing Love
  • The Birth
  • Little New Baby
  • Great New Love
  • A Good Child
  • A Wonderful Child
  • A Dream Child
  • The Best Child
  • Miracle Baby Girl
  • Baby Blessing
  • Baby From God
  • We Love You Baby!
  • Thank you for being my Baby!
  • Sweet Innocent Love
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